Business plan and financial projection development

Here at Asheville BFF, I help you prepare your Business Plan which is the “road map” for operating a successful business. The plan will include the development of a 12-month “rolling” cash-flow projection that will identify the cash needs of your business and bring you various sources to meet those needs.

Mark also helps develop your financial and operational strategies that include identifying certain business metrics; which are a quantifiable measure(s) that are used to track and assess the status of a specific business process. And, if you’re interested in a possible sale of your business, Mark will guide you through the process to value your business and how to show your business to a prospective purchaser at its highest level.

Ongoing operational strategy assistance

I will help you build and monitor an accounting system that is designed to provide you timely and accurate financial reporting, so you have the information to better manage your business. I also determine your business fundamentals, which are the facts that affect your company’s net operating income and resulting underlying value. Strong business fundamentals are considered essential for long-term success and stability.

Specializing in real estate development services

With a long history of involvement in major real estate development projects, Mark can provide comprehensive strategies to facilitate success on a wide variety of properties and projects. He can assist with an assortment of development challenges, including analysis of market and financial feasibility, project planning, approvals, assistance with deal structuring, as well as financing of both small
as well as very large complex urban and large-scale developments.