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With over 45 years of experience as a business financial coach and business advisor, Mark Goldstein in Asheville, NC, will guide you to secure the resources you need to get your business on track. Together, we will identify and solve the problems that keep you up at night; whether it’s improving cash flow, managing debt, financial growth, or even preparing to sell.

During Mark’s career, he has gained valuable experience that allows him to identify roadblocks to your business goals and develop solutions to overcome any blocks to success. Allow Mark to use his expertise to revamp your business processes to help you access the business information you need to operate more effectively.


Mark Goldstein
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At Asheville BFF, one of the best Fractional CFo companies in Asheville, NC, Mark Goldstein is a business financial coach and fractional CFO consulting service coach who will help you be prepared to manage your growth and reach your business goals.

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There’s no need to struggle to figure out your company’s finances and manage your cash flow.

Contact Asheville BFF to aid you in your cash flow management and strategic planning. (828) 620-5460
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Business Plans

Business plan and projection development

At Asheville BFF, we assist you in crafting your Business Plan, which serves as the essential “road map” for managing a prosperous enterprise. This plan encompasses the creation of a 12-month “rolling” cash-flow forecast to pinpoint your business’s financial needs and to introduce various funding sources to fulfill these requirements.

Mark also aids in shaping your financial and operational strategies by pinpointing key business metrics; these are measurable values utilized to monitor and evaluate the status of a specific business process. Moreover, if you are contemplating selling your business, Mark will navigate you through the valuation of your business and demonstrate how to present your business optimally to potential buyers.

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Ongoing operational strategy assistance

Mark will assist in establishing and maintaining an accounting system tailored to deliver timely and precise financial reports, equipping businesses with the necessary information to enhance management practices. Additionally, Mark analyzes business fundamentals—key factors that influence a company’s net operating income and its inherent value. He emphasizes that strong business fundamentals are vital for sustained success and stability.

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Real Estate

Specializing in real estate development services

With extensive experience in major real estate development projects, Mark offers comprehensive strategies to ensure success across diverse properties and projects. He is adept at tackling various development challenges, such as market and financial feasibility analysis, project planning, securing approvals, and providing support with deal structuring. Mark also facilitates the financing of projects ranging from small ventures to large, complex urban and large-scale developments.

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“He’s helped us get financing, restructured the organization of our company, hired and put into place key players, and opened the lines of communication between my husband and I regarding our goals within the company.”
~ Toni and Josh Warren, Warren Restoration

“Mark Is best when the going gets tough because he is creative and finds ways to get the job done. I highly recommend him.”
~ Gerald L. Zaidman, CPA, ABV, CFF, CVA, CFE FGMK, LLC

“I would highly recommend working with Mark if you are experiencing any sort of financial challenges or you simply need guidance on making decisions.”
~ Amber Adams Opal, and Wonder

“Oh, and by the way, right from the start, one of the changes we made in the way we operate as a result of his guidance resulted in a savings of a hundred dollars a month. So yeah, he’s our Best Friend Forever!”
~ Kelly Palmatier, Griffin Web Design & Marketing