• "Working with Mark Goldstein has been life changing!

    Over the course of several months, Mark helped me gain clarity and insight around my business finances, as well as a new found confidence in myself as a business owner. I now have an effective system to track my numbers and clear goals to help me make better decisions.

    His wisdom, patience and kindness made the whole process easier.

    I would highly recommend working with Mark if you are experiencing any sort of financial challenges or if you simply need guidance on making decisions. He does a great job at helping you uncover and create your own way, rather than doing the work for you.

    Thank you, Mark, for all of your guidance and support! Working with you has a been a gift that keeps on giving!"

    Amber Adams
    Opal and Wonder
  • “I have had the pleasure of working with Mark for over 35 years. Through those years, Mark has worked with startup companies, troubled companies, and financially successful companies. Mark is best when the going gets tough because he is creative and finds ways to get the job done. I highly recommend him.”
    Gerald L. Zaidman, CPA, ABV, CFF, CVA, CFE
  • “I don't even know where to begin with how important and valuable Mark Goldstein has been for our business. My husband and I own a disaster restoration company and have been working IN it, vs. ON it, for far too long, which was actually having a negative impact on our daily operations because we were spread too thin, and stunting our growth. He came in and could immediately see the course of action we needed to take and took on what we never could have. He has gotten to know our company and our family and can guide us on a personal and professional level. He's helped us get financing, restructured the organization of our company, hired and put in to place key players, and opens the lines of communication between my husband and I regarding our goals and our roles within the company. He doesn't just see this as a business opportunity but TRULY has our family's best interests in mind and is going to be the reason we get to where we want to go with this company. A finance coach is something a lot of people may easily dismiss, but I assure you, we all need Mark Goldstein in our corner!”
    Toni and Josh WarrenWarren Restoration
  • “Our passion is in design, so when it comes to finance, our company needed help. Some of the business fundamentals are things we haven't had much experience with. Nevertheless, it's not easy to ask for help on things you think you should already know. Plus, some of our bookkeeping needed to be cleaned up and transferred to a new system, and these are the types of tasks that always ended up on the back-burner for us in the past. Mark has guided us through some of the basics that we need to stay on top of, and our scheduled appointments have acted as a sort of accountability partner to help me make sure we get these things done. For the first time I can remember, I have confidence in where our company is going from a financial standpoint. Oh, and by the way, right from the start, one of the changes we made in the way we operate as a result of his guidance resulted in a savings of a hundreds of dollars a month. So yeah, he's our Best Friend Forever!”
    Kelly PalmatierGriffin Web Design & Marketing