WHAT I WILL DO FOR YOU: I will bring you the tools that you will need to take your dream to a successful reality and become your business’s “best friend forever.” I provide Business Fundamentals and Financial Coaching services to small companies located in Asheville, NC and the surrounding communities. With substantial prior experience as a Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”) I bring a unique ability to help the small business owner(s) focus on the goals of their business and to help them increase the value of their business. I will focus on the business cash flow, perform forecasting, suggest opportunities for cost containment and getting you key information that you will need to make good business decisions and measure the growth of your business.

Some of my services include the following:

  • Preparation of a Business Plan and bring you opportunities to provide the necessary cash resources for your business.
  • Development of a 12-month “rolling” cash-flow projection that will lead you on the path to discover weaknesses and the cash needs that currently exist within your business.
  • Building and monitoring an accounting system that is designed to provide you timely and accurate financial reporting, so you can better manage your business.
  • Determine your business fundamentals, which are the facts that affect your company’s underlying value, including debt and cash flow. Strong business fundamentals are considered essential for long-term success and stability.
  • The development of financial and operational strategies that include identifying certain business metrics; which are a quantifiable measure(s) that are used to track and assess the status of a specific business process.
  • If you’re interested in a possible sale of your business I will guide you through the process to value your business and how to show your business to a prospective purchaser at its highest level.

FEES: Each business is unique and has different issues. My fees are based upon the particular task I am engaged to do. They can be determined a few different ways:

  • On an hourly basis billed based on the time actually spent.
  • As a fixed fee basis for a “special” project; for example, to find a source and negotiate a loan for your business.
  • An affordable monthly fixed fee for ongoing consulting services.

NEXT STEP: Let’s get together at your convenience for a FREE “confidential” consultation. Contact me today to set up your appointment.